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“I do not support this appeal which is entirely misconceived.

It completely disregards all the well evidenced hostility and even atrocities committed against non-Muslims in Asia and Africa, notably, from a Buddhist perspective, the war waged by Dhaka against the Buddhist hill tribes in Chittagong (Bangladesh).

It ignores the historical claims made by the Ummah (as ‘sanctified’ in the Qur’an, Ahadith and Sira) against its non-Muslim subjects (especially in the Middle East) who are deemed ‘dhimmi’ or second-class citizens whose freedom to worship and civic liberties are severely curtailed. Muslim paranoic antipathy towards Jews everywhere is also well documented.

In the USA you have ongoing problems with CAIR and, e.g., the recently publicised outrages in the Muslim-majority enclave at dearborn, Michigan. However, I wish to address the issue from a European standpoint. Whenever ‘Islamist’ terrorist incidents occur in the West, liberal newspaper hacks and government spokespersons parrot the politically correct line: ‘But these are only the actions of a minority and don’t reflect on true Muslims’. Well, the so-called ‘true believers’ and ‘silent majority’ have yet to convince the public that this is really the case. But how can they when their ‘sacred’ texts unashamedly direct their followers to deceive or ‘slay’ anyone who doesn’t agree with their perverted views?

Recently, a UK writer summed up the stages whereby Muslim immigrants settle in the host countries and then, rather than integrating as was the case with previous waves of migrants, expect to browbeat the original inhabitants into complying with their way of life:

1.Social housing areas. Low incomeand the natural wish to live with people of the same faith and culture lead Muslims to move together into areas with cheap apartments. Social housing areas thus develop into Muslim areas.

2. Muslim areas. Muslim culture and religion become dominant in the areas, which allow Islamic values to take root. Muslim areas develop into Islamic areas.

3. Islamic areas. Homemade Sharia courts, police-like groups of adult men, imams and Islamic havala banking appear. An unofficial political and and economic Islamic infrastructure is in place, and its political identity and influence grows.

4. Political areas. Demands for official recognition of the unofficial religious infrastructure appear. Islamic areas develop into political forces that are steering towards conflict with secular laws.

5. Violent areas. Religious fanatics see iot as their religious right to to use threats and violence in order to get their demands fulfilled. They are born and raised in the country, they have citizenship, and they feel they have just as much right to live as they wish to as democratic-minded citizens feel.

Besides, according to the Qur’an, it is a sin to submit to secular and non-Islamic authorities. Islamic politics has developed into a continuous conflict that often erupts into violence – as is becoming all-too-frequent in mainland, western European cities.

A phobia is an irrational fear but, as the brave Dutch politician, Geert Wilders, emphasised, but ‘Islamophobia’ is a contradiction in terms when history and current events on the ground prove all too horribly true that non-Muslims have everything to fear from Muslim dominance. When Lenin termed naive Western (usually Socialist) intellectuals ‘useful idiots’ for providing a rope to hang themselves, this quote can also be used to describe the sponsors of this letter!”

– Russell Webb, Buddhist Studies Review


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